Do it yourself root feeder
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Reuse old buckets for watering new trees! Includes one Root Seeker and one Reservoir Seal. Simply drill a smooth 1.375" hole centered about 1" from the edge of the reservoir and insert the grommet. For more detailed instructions visit our "Advantages" page, but complete instructions are included with your order. We also offer the drill bit in the Build-Your-Own Kits catalog page.

This kit is a great way to recycle an old bucket by turning it into a very economical tree watering system. Customize your watering by tree size! Soak the root-well of small saplings, or soak the drip zone of larger trees which promotes strong outward root development. No other watering method provides this combination of speed, accuracy, and portability!

Please email if you have any questions, we are here to help.

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Tree I.V. Watering System DIY Root Seeker & Reservoir Grommet

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