Tree I.V. Portable Watering System
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This 6-pack of Root Seekers will reduce a watering job from over an hour to just a few minutes. They are so easy to set and fill that it can't be done wrong. Tree I.V. is made in USA and is the toughest watering system available above ground.

Tree I.V. is most useful if you have a set of new trees that need weekly watering. The Reservoir gives you a consistent volume each time, empties at the normal percolation rate of your soil, and stops wasteful run-off for a good deep soaking. Check out our discounted packages for volume pricing.

Tree I.V. systems let you to customize your watering by tree size! Soak the root-well of small saplings, or soak the drip zone of larger trees which promotes strong outward root development. No other watering method provides this combination of speed, accuracy, and portability. You won't be disappointed!

Please email if you have any questions, we are here to help.

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Tree I.V. Watering System 6-Pack

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